Recorded live at The Clapham Grand

🎙️That’s right, we’ve gone and done a podcast! 🎙️

Our manager, Ally Wolf & stars of our show team, Max Alan and Claire Street, are three vital cogs in the glorious machine that is The Clapham Grand, and have started a fortnightly podcast all about our weird & wonderful world as well as their slightly strange and entertaining lives! 

Expect a plethora of outstanding special guests and celebrity interviews from the realms of Comedy, Music, Cabaret and, of course RuPaul’s Drag Race. All of this alongside discussing the high-end matters such as some of the ridiculous items that find their way into our lost property the venue’s accrued lost property, book club (that’s not about books), the week’s water cooler moment and what’s going on in Stationary Corner (with our stationary caller)! 

You can listen on SPOTIFY or SOUNDCLOUD! Please like, share and subscribe as they say in podcast world!

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