I have access queries – what should I do before visiting The Clapham Grand?

You can find a more in-detail page on Accessibility HERE

For access customers (Blue Badge holders, Access card holders, etc.) who require a PA to come with them to an event – we are able to provide a complimentary ticket for the PA (availability depending).

Before purchasing any tickets, best practice is to email info@claphamgrand.com with an enquiry or call us on 020 7223 6523. When chatting to a member of our gorgeous team, you may be asked for proof of eligibility before being issued with a code. We realise this is inconvenient for you to have to present this with each ticket purchase, however it is to ensure that the PA ticket is not being taken advantage of by those who do not need one.

Tickets for shows here can be sold across multiple platforms so speaking to us in advance is always advised to avoid any confusion.

Regarding Access Dogs and Emotional Support Animals – We love dogs.. but unfortunately not all the time. We can allow emotional support animals into the venue, but not for certain events (i.e. club nights etc). We also of course allow guide dogs and other canine companions that are validated by a blue badge, but please do call us ahead so we can allocate you a seat in an animal friendly part of the venue and get the dog bowl ready #wedontleavenodogthirsty.

What do I need to do if I have to bring medicine with me?

If you need to bring any medicines, food or drink to manage a medical condition, or medical equipment you are of course welcome to do so. We don’t have any medical equipment at the venue past what is required by law.

For all our seated events, we do have delicious food from Hot Beige (Hot Dogs, Vegan Hot Dogs, Nachos etc). In the event that Hot Beige is not with us, we will have a selection of snacks for you should you need.

Please inform the manager on duty when you arrive before going through search. You can also email us ahead of the event at info@claphamgrand.com.

What should I expect when visiting The Clapham Grand?

First off, some hilarious and silly signage everywhere, fabulous customer service, good food, good vibes  and an incredible show!

Please note there may be strobes, flashing lights, loud noises, confetti, the occasional balloon drop and other fun stuff used in the venue, on a regular basis.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding this for a specific event don’t hesitate to contact us via info@claphamgrand.com or call us on 020 7223 6523. We want to make sure you have a safe experience with us!

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