The She Street Band

Friday 18th October | 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The She Street Band

Friday 18th October | 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Come see the world’s first and only badass all-female Bruce Springsteen cover band! A supergroup made up of girl rockers from bands in the UK, Ireland, Sweden and The States – the forces and planets align on Friday 18th October for the most epic Springsteen fest you’ve ever seen or heard!

We’ll be decorating the venue, there will be themed cocktails and food, guest DJs, CONFETTI and an after party till late. It’s going to be very very special and we can’t wait to see you there.


The She Street Band xxx

For those who don’t know about us here’s all you need to know – come and join us xx

The She Street Band is the world’s first and only all-female Bruce Springsteen cover band. Made up of players from the UK, Ireland, Sweden and the United States, the band formed after bassist Jody Orsborn attended Springsteen’s concert at Wembley in 2016. Walking out of the show in awe after truly cementing her love for The Boss, she recruited a group of like-minded musicians, including Calie Hough (drums), Mara Daniele (guitar), Lynn Roberts (keys), Clare McGrath (glockenspiel), Isabel Lysell (lead guitar) and Yasmin Ogilvie (sax).

Since their sold out debut show at The Moth Club in Hackney in April 2017, they’ve gone from strength to strength, playing a UK tour culminating at London’s Scala in Autumn 2018. In addition to being featured in Time Out, NME,Elle Magazine and Grazia,the band count members of Springsteen’s own E Street Band amongst their list of supporters.

“There is surely only one thing that could make the songs of Bruce Springsteen any better. And that is being covered live by a cool-as-f**k all-female band. Well, ta da! It’s happening…” – Elle Magazine

“What a show! Springsteen would be proud. These gals can play.” – Greasy Lake

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