Maxim Leonidov: The Best of the Secret

Thu 02 Nov 19:00 - 22:00
Age Restriction
“Hello! It’s raining and bad today, And we haven’t seen each other for probably a hundred years ”- even if after this hit of the Secret beat quartet of the late eighties you haven’t heard a single song by Maxim Leonidov, it alone will be enough to remember his voice and mentally return to childhood or adolescence. If you are a longtime fan of his work, you know that after The Secret there were solo mega hits Vision Girl and Don’t Let Him Get Away. Then there were several strong and piercing, recklessly wise albums with the Hippoband group. If you love Leonidov’s songs, you constantly listen to them and know that his new album has recently been released and that the singer himself celebrated his 60th birthday in 2022. Looking at Maxim Leonidovich at the light, you will hear what is happening, “When Seryoga breaks the thread”, which you need to remember, “Floating over the city”, what motive Maxim will compose, “If they suddenly close the cities again”, what happened “On the Ulaanbaatar-Alma-Ata highway” and what the man who “Wished to be a cat” dreamed about. On the big stage, a man in tattoos and sneakers will sing for you – with a huge heart and a generous soul. You will meet a talented composer, poet and performer, and through his songs you will be able to hear yourself – the real one, the one who goes through pain and struggle every day, who yearns, has fun, loves the most beautiful Woman in the world and her children, and who, as in his surprisingly poignant song “Letter”, sometimes thinks: “If I could write a letter to myself in the seventy-eighth, Maybe I would save something, Maybe I would fix everything in my fate …” Always and especially now the concert of Maxim Leonidov – it’s a little tears and a little laughter, it’s a heart-to-heart talk and songs, that bring warmth and light. Come!
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