Tue 25 Oct 19:00 - 22:30
Age Restriction

Hi there,

We are writing on behalf of Disabled Queer & Hear to inform you of the unfortunate cancellation of Criperella that was set to take place on 25/10/2022. Circumstances beyond our control made this a difficult decision to make.

We are now working on issuing ticket refunds back to you as quickly as possible.

Once again, please accept our apology for the cancellation of Criperella. We sincerely hope to see you at one of our upcoming events in the near future.

Team Criperella


Oh, no, they’re not! OH, YES, THEY ARE!
If in the first act you see a disabled person, by the end they must be cured or dead. When we do see a disabled person onscreen or onstage, the tropes we tend to see about disability – people as burdens, villains, outcasts, characters to be pitied, and devices by which to make protagonists seem ‘good’ or ‘evil’ depending on how they treat us – impact how we view ourselves as disabled people, how the rest of society sees us, and what ideas and prejudice they build based upon those tropes. Because people love stories; it’s how we make sense of the world. And if we’re only seeing twisted tales that don’t include authentic disability representation, people will make false assumptions about who we are.
We have a disabled Cinderella (or Criperella), and one who’s heart is fixed on achieving her goal – not of marriage, but of becoming a drag superstar. Sound far-fetched? While we follow the traditional plot lines of Cinderella, Criperella draws on the people we know and love, and their stories. The stories you might not hear because society is too busy perpetuating the above tropes.
Disabled people defy expectations every day; when you live in a world not built for you, every breath you take can be an act of rebellion. You have to get creative. So, join us as we subvert the norms, tell you a fabulous tale grounded in reality, and absolutely full of smut and silliness. Think Cinderella meets Sausage Party, if you will. This event is fully inclusive with wheelchair access, accessible toilets, Braille menus and a British Sign Language interpreter (in drag).
  • Doors: 7pm,
  • Show Start: 7.45pm
All ticket holders will receive a free glass of Wolf Blass sparkling wine on arrival (or non-alcoholic alternative).
Please head to for info on access/concession tickets – where they can be purchased via Outsavvy or Eventbrite.
PLEASE NOTE: We cannot offer refunds for this event.
Disabled, Queer and Hear is a fully inclusive platform that celebrates disabled drag artists in showcasing talent and ability within the disabled LGBTQ+ community.
Sponsored by Wolf Blass Wines – Why Settle When You Can Soar?
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